What I do 

Travel Features
Literary Features
Lifestyle Features
Literary reviews*
Concert and restaurant reviews

What I don’t do 

Technical Writing
Marketing Copy
Grant Writing
Resume Writing


What I do

Editorial photography
Travel photography
Commercial photography
Food Photography

What I don’t do

Weddings (though I’ve photographed hundreds)
Portraits (I’ve shot hundreds of those, too)
Real Estate Listings

Special Projects

Children's book app consulting
Personal/Small Business Bios

If you need to find a writing/photography professional that specializes in an area that I don't, I've compiled a list of capable, trustworthy folks here.

*Since Kirkus Reviews has an anonymous review policy, I can't publicly claim authorship on any of them. But I've done more than 200 for that magazine alone. If you're an editor and would like to read some of my reviews, get in touch and I'll send you a few.