End of an Era

I spent a lot of yesterday crying. It's time to find my sweet feline companion another home and until I got right up to that decision, I didn't realize how emotional I'd be about it. The short answer? Very.

About 10 years ago, when our lives were completely falling apart, my daughter and I adopted a rescue kitty because we needed something happy in our lives. Simeon was 4 months old when we got him, and the minute I hung out with him I knew he had a really great temperament. He's been an indoor kitty for most of his life, though he still has his claws. 

The reason I need to rehome him is complicated. The number one thing is that I have several autoimmune illnesses and my allergies have gotten significantly worse over the years. Though he's a shorthaired cat, he's still a cat. I spend a lot of time trying to keep him out of my bedroom and my office, and pushing him away when he wants to love, because I'm aware that he may be a significant part of the allergy puzzle (I wasn't allergic when i got him, but my allergist said you can become allergic to anything at any time. All I know is that when I brush or pet him, I get itchy -- especially my eyes.) I'm on steroid eye drops and steroid nose spray and tons of antihistamines, and we can't get my system to calm down enough to even do skin testing. Next step is oral steroids. 

On top of that, we recently moved and he's not happy with the one place we can put his litter box (in the laundry room.) He hits it 90% of the time but there's lots of noise and it's a place we continually come and go, and I think a couple of times he's been in a hurry to get out and missed a bit. We've started letting him sleep in the garage and since then he hasn't had any problem at all with hitting the litter box 100% of the time.

Simeon is 10 years old and got a sterling health report from the vet yesterday. He meowed all the way to the office, but the minute the tech got him out of his carrier, he was purring. Loudly. When they took him back to do his testing, all the techs reportedly passed him around because he's just so happy-go-lucky. Yep, he was in a strange place with lots of prodding and poking, and he was still purring. Our 8 year old granddaughter can even hold him upside down and he's pretty okay with it. Here's a video of her holding him and you can see how chill he is about it all. 

Simeon weighs 12.5 pounds and the vet said that's just fine for him. He's a tiny bit pudgy but not fat. He doesn't have any behavior problems, unless you consider his extremely loving nature a problem. He doesn't scratch furniture and is content with those cardboard scratchers. He's great with kids (as long as they're not hurting him) and he's fine with other cats and also dogs (again, as long as they're not aggressive. There's not an aggressive bone in this kitty's body.) He's had his shots and is an indoor cat. He likes to be outside but probably doesn't have the skills to be an entirely outdoor cat. Which is why I want to find him a new home soon, because he's hanging with the dog on the back porch during the day until I can rehome him. If you know anyone who needs a loving, faithful feline companion, please send them my way. It's important to me that I find him a good home. Anyone who's interested can email me at lcjenx@gmail.com.