Some of My Favorites

So often I try and get everyone together and grab photos at large family gatherings. And more often than not, it doesn't work that way. Since we have six kids and three grandkids, I'm beginning to make peace with the fact that I won't capture them all at the same time. 

Last week Anna moved back to Texas. (YAY!!) Though we all missed her a lot, you can tell from the look on Piper's face that her world just got a great deal brighter, now that her Pokemon-loving aunt is back!

And this Labor Day weekend, Happy and I got to spend less than 24 hours with Haven and Storey while their parents spoke at a conference. Happy went in the backyard and cut flowers for each of them this morning, and of course I grabbed the camera. They're pretty good sports about my paparazzi drill, but then again they've never known a life without a camera in their faces.

I was trying to get Storey to look up at me so I said, "I'm gonna eat that flower!" And of course she wanted to beat me to it. No, she didn't eat it... I stopped her.