Austin's Preeminent Shopping Experience

Being an Austin native, when the first phase of The Domain was built in 2007 I was a bit skeptical. High-end shopping in that part of town? It's not the ghetto by any means, but it's also not Westlake, Tarrytown, Onion Creek or Rob Roy. To use a quote from the 1989 classic, Field of Dreams, if they build it, will they come?

The answer is a resounding "yes." 

The business and residential area includes both swanky and standard shopping opportunities, a blended retail experience, if you will. There's a lot more to The Domain than I'm showing here; I wasn't able to photograph everything. But this will give you an idea of what the complex is like. FYI, it rained just after I took these photos, so the sky was quite gray.

Though you can't buy a Tesla in Texas, you can certainly drool over one at The Domain.

I visit this Mac store a few times a year. 

Austin is home to the Whole Food Flagship, but it's downtown. This north location was added recently, and while it's certainly not as ostentatious as the Sixth Street location is, it's pretty convenient and cushy. 

The Simon Property Group bought the 303-acre Domain property from IBM. In addition to all of the retail space, The Domain houses a few high-end hotels and a host of luxury apartment rentals.

I've also frequented this Apple Store, as it's one of two stores in the Austin area and the only one north of the river.

North has absolutely delicious Italian fare, and Cru is a good place to get a glass of wine and a few appetizers. And then of course there's always Starbucks. 

Cru and Starbucks surround this lounging/play area. Folks often gather and let their kids play while they sip coffee or wine. In the winter, the fire glows. 

If you want to park on the street, prepare yourself for some mad competition. Scenarios like this are common, where cars are backed up because someone's determined to wait for a parking space.

The parking garage is convenient, however, and is easily accessed via a corridor that leads to elevators or stairs.

And there's also a free shuttle service that will transport you anywhere you want to go within the complex.