A Beautiful Storey

Last Tuesday my third granddaughter made her debut, and she had a heck of a welcoming committee. Doting grandfather, Happy, was holding down the fort in the waiting room. Countless loved ones were waiting by the phone for the news, and in an incredibly generous move, Amy (my oldest daughter and the proud mama) asked the doctor and hospital staff if her two sisters and I could witness the birth—-even though it was a scheduled c-section. They agreed. As you can tell by the photo below, everyone was pretty giddy as they anticipated our summons to the delivery room. Johnny (Amy’s husband, and father of the forthcoming baby) was the perfect host.

We hung around the hallway for awhile and took silly picutres to pass the time. Notice that one of my shoe covers is a little taller than the others? That’s because I tumbled down a flight of stairs two days prior and I was wearing a boot (but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) I was supposed to be using crutches, but I ditched them out of concern that the staff would see me as too much of a fall risk (where on earth would they get that idea?) I wasn’t going to miss this.

The first time that mother and daughter laid eyes on each other.