Huntington Beach

When I was in Long Beach last month for a wedding I decided to use a little of my "down" time to stroll Huntington Beach and see what feet I could find.  They were not in short supply. 

I was pretty happy with this one. I shot it from the pier with my 70-200 and then cropped in. Not bad at all.

I think this pelican might have been wounded. I had my long lens so I didn't get too close, but others got closer to take pictures and he didn't fly off. 

I think this gull was getting more food than the others. He didn't seem to mind being an amputee, but he was drawing an awful lot of pity from the folks on the pier. I've decided he's a savvy panhandler who knows how to "work it." I imagine all the other birds saying, "Oh crap. There's Carl. We're gonna starve today."