The Good Life

When I was staying in the guest room at my niece’s house, I noticed a large manor-sized dollhouse, sitting on top of the dresser. It was picket fence worthy for sure (except for the dangling baby, which I didn’t notice when I took the picture. Let’s just call it a foreshadowing.) The whitewashed siding, the perfectly painted green trim, and the seamlessly placed shingles definitely made the house American Dream material. If it had a lawn, it would be well manicured. The landscaping would be regularly pruned and watered. In the morning, the homeowner would step out to get the newspaper; upon seeing a neighbor there would be smiles, friendly waves of the hand, and a little small talk for good measure. 

But the inside looks like this. 

Turning this dollhouse around was a good reminder: things are not always as they seem.