Wailin' Jennys

My husband and I got a lovely surprise when we landed in Missoula, Montana last Monday. While waiting for our lunch at aBBQ place, Craig was reading a local rag and happened to see an advertisement about the upcoming Wailin’ Jennys show. I have never been able to see them live so I was ecstatic.

We bought tickets that day, and then drove two hours into town to see them last night. The Jennys were predictably wonderful, and the venue and sound were top notch too.  It was a sold out “standing only” crowd, and unfortunately about a third of the 600 attendees talked through the entire show, which was disappointing. The Wailin’ Jennys, though visibly ruffled a little by having to try and sing over the chatter, handled it beautifully. (I will never be able to understand why people shell out $25 for a ticket and then spend the entire time shootin’ the shit with a friend! There were about three major shushing moments that originated in the audience and eventually things got a little more chill.) Despite that one audience glitch, it was great to be able see these phenomenally talented women. The staff at the Top Hat Lounge are personable, helpful and on all accounts truly fantastic.

On impulse I brought my camera, and while the lighting was less than ideal and the crowds made it very difficult to get a clean shot, I managed to grab a few.