This is what you call a retreat. After a couple of days in San Francisco, a couple of days in Placerville, one work detour to Locke and five days in Yosemite, this is where we landed. Craig and I loved every single minute of what came before our jaunt to Montana, but once I got here I just melted into the scenery. With the exception of one trip in to Missoula for a concert, I was a total bum at my brother-in-law's vacation cabin for an entire week. I slept a lot, read a lot, did crossword puzzles with my fabulous mother-in-law, ate good food, drank wine, rode four-wheelers around the mountains and listened to the river. It was the respite part of our vacation. As a result I didn't take a lot of photos, but I did wade in to the river. The sound and feel of moving water is so healing to me, and I wanted to see if I could capture some of its magic. Many thanks to my husband, who hung out with me while I stood in the river and took pictures.