Six Flags Fiesta Texas

My oldest daughter Amy is turning 30 on Wednesday. (I know, tell me about it. I had her when I was five years old, so it really shouldn’t bother me.) Mandy and Piper also had birthdays last week. Mandy, Anna and I decided that in lieu of a party for Piper, we’d surprise Amy on Saturday morning, kidnap her, and go to Fiesta Texas to celebrate. When we consorted with Johnny, he was all about it. So we went about weaving our web of deception. Amy thought they were coming to Austin that day, so she was truly surprised when we busted in on her Saturday morning while she was still in bed! Here are a few highlights.

There’s actually a humiliating story behind this ride. It was called the “Kiddie Coaster” and let’s just say the individual cars weren’t made for two adults. I got in one of the cars with my sister and had to stuff myself in so the bar would come down over our laps. But I didn’t realize that there was a seatbelt that had to fasten over both of us. And it wasn’t happening. The teenaged girl who was running the ride disappeared and came back with what I thought might be a seatbelt extender. But when I looked up, she had a long metal stick that looked like a crowbar, in case she needed to pry me out of the car. So I painstakingly shifted and lifted like a daddy long legs trying to walk off of flypaper, and removed myself from the tiny car while everyone in line watched. At least I could laugh about it!

We were in line for the bumper cars and Haven got a huge bump on her head from trying to turn the railings into monkey bars. So Erin, Amy, Haven and I left the line and waited for Leslie and Jeremy to take their turn. After watching them I am so glad I didn’t do this. It looked like everyone in there was getting a major case of whiplash. By the time Leslie realized it, it was too late! I think her face says it all.

Meanwhile, Haven was enthralled with the games (what can I say? She takes after me.) She desperately wanted a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and Amy was feeling the pressure. She had to pop four out of four balloons. 

After her mom successfully hit all four balloons, Haven was super upset because she thought SHE was going to get to win it. So I paid for two more darts, and she hit both of them! As a result she won two Hello Kitties and gave one to Piper (she even gave her the biggest one.)

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Hello Kitty girl!

We’ve always got time for an impromptu dance.