Cabo San Lucas

You never can predict what’s going to happen with your glut of photos when you come home from vacation.

And by you, I mean me.

Despite my best attempts at trying to set the camera down and enjoy our vacation in Cabo, I couldn’t help but come home with around 2,000 images. But as usual, I just processed a few and archived them so I could do real work.

In a fortunate coincidence, last summer I had an opportunity to write for an annual book entitled, Visit Cabo. That whole process required that I put the photos back on my computer so I could sift through and edit them -- this time for hire. It's funny how you find time for things when money is involved.

This was a landmark trip for me, not just because it was Cabo, but because I was invited by a sister I had only met three years prior. That week together put a good little dent in all of the lost time we intend to make up for.

We stayed in my sister’s timeshare at Playa Grande resort, which was gorgeous and wonderful. But when I saw the balcony I nearly lost my mind over the fear that four year-old Piper (my oldest granddaughter) might climb and tumble down. Rumor has it that I got a little obsessed, micromanaging her every move. Her mom finally told me to chill out, that she would handle it (What a concept! Let my kids parent their own kids?) But as you can see, Piper is enjoying the view standing a good three feet from the balcony. Maybe my anxiety helped a tiny bit.

This is the view from our balcony. Piper kept begging to go on the pirate ship, but my sister and brother-in-law assured us that it was more of a drunken dinner cruise than a Disney excursion. 

Playa Grande is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean collide. And I do mean collide. My sister warned us that she’d kick us out and send us home if we swam on the beach by the resort. Apparently every year there are a few people who think they can handle it and they end up either seriously injured or dead. Just listening to the waves confirms that you don’t want to mess with them: we even had to close our window one night because the crashing was so loud!

This guy, however, apparently wakeboards here regularly. Whatever… I’ll let his mother parent him, too.

The next day we saw a cruise ship, and learned that the market vendors and restaurant owners know the schedule like clockwork. Once or twice a week (I can’t remember, now) a steady stream of tourists files out on to Medano Beach to wander through the town for some shopping and [ahem] beveraging.

Funny story (that wasn’t so funny at the time): my daughters decided they wanted to go scuba diving. Mandy was already certified, and Anna took the lessons. We decided that Piper and I would go with them and stay in the boat with the driver while they dove. She’d get to go on a boat, see the birds and fish and who knows what else! Fun time for a four year-old, right? No. She freaked out when her mom disappeared under the water. It was as though in her mind the ocean had swallowed her mother, and she was never going to see her again. There was much wailing. So there I was with a very nice driver who didn’t speak English, and an inconsolable preschooler. She finally got over it after about 10 minutes, but it was a long 10 minutes.

All I can ever think of when I see this one is “Mine, mine, mine…” (Finding Nemo) 

Lover’s Beach. You can actually swim here. Crazy that it’s just around the corner from the man-eating surf.

My stylin’ girl and my pinup girl.

Alright. I almost didn’t put this one up here because I feared my animal-loving friends might blast me. But here’s the thing… I didn’t find out until after we let Piper pet the lion cub that the folks that do this sort of thing are shady. They reportedly don’t treat the animals well. But this cub was so cute I thought I’d include the photo. I won’t fall for it again.

This pretty much sums up how all of us approached this trip.

There’s actually a Costco in Los Cabos, and there’s also a service that will buy the food for you and deliver it to your door. We planned most of our meals beforehand so we didn’t eat out much, but one night we ventured out to Mi Casa, and it was great.