Camden, Maine

Never underestimate the power of beauty. I was in serious need of a respite this fall, and though Craig and I spent a lot of this trip driving and sightseeing, I was renewed by the gorgeous foliage that surrounded us. If you missed my first post, I chronicled our day in Acadia National Park. This one will give you a glimpse of the coastal town of Camden, Maine.

When I was planning this trip, I wasn't sure where in Maine we wanted to stay. We knew we wanted to go to Acadia, and thus didn't want to be as far south as Portland. Doing a search on Airbnb led me to Camden, which ended up being the perfect place for us to stay. It was stunning.

We got one full day of rain while we were there, and when the clouds parted I drove around by myself, drinking in all of the visual treasures.

The next day we headed toward Camden Hills State Park. We took a "wrong" turn and I had to snap a couple of shots. In New England, there are no wrong turns in the fall.

We drove up to Mount Battie, which provides a stunning view of the town. It was cloudy and foggy when we got up there, but before we left it cleared up and the sun made a timid appearance.

I was having some ankle problems so Craig hiked down and I drove. While I was waiting for him I snapped a few shots of my surroundings.

The photo on the left is at Camden Hills State Park. The one on the right is at Vesper Hill Children's Chapel. It can be used for weddings and other small gatherings, but the dedication plaque reads: This chapel is built to the memory of all young people who have passed through this world and gained God by so doing. It stands for freedom, thought, prayer, and action. It stands for holiness within the body, and for God in the heart each waking hour. May the Lord bless all young people who come here for spiritual and mental refreshment. – Helene Bok.

We spent the rest of the day walking and driving through whatever caught our eye. Here are some highlights.